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With our sleek, minimalist design and our trim, yet comfortable silhouette, Idlewood Bespoke suits are engineered to make you look and feel your very best, no matter your body type. We've paid attention to the details and refused to cut corners. Our suits come standard with two buttons, lightly-padded shoulders, slightly tapered legs, and include details such as pick stitching and working sleeve buttons.

**No need to specify lapel choice with order -- we will discuss your lapel options through email.

**If you'd like a 3-piece suit with vest, please mention under "Additional Notes" at checkout. It costs approximately an extra $55 (depending on fabric) and we will send you an additional invoice at a later point.

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Select your suit in three easy steps:


fabric: We use high-quality Super 120s wool, 100% linen, and 100% cotton for our suit fabrics.   

lapel: Options are notch and peak lapel. Notch lapel is the traditional choice while peak lapel is a bit more trendy. 

lining: Our standard lining is made of breathable, durable polyester, while our premium lining is a soft silk/polyester blend. Both our standard and premium linings are available in virtually any color -- we will discuss this with you along with our measurement guide within 24 hours of purchase. Our premium lining is also available in a variety of wild patterns. Business on the outside, party on the inside!


*Other notes: Our wool suits come standard with flap pockets; linen and cotton suits come with patch pockets. This may be changed upon request. Suit pants come standard with lining just below the knee. Double-breasted jackets are available upon request.