The Idlewood Mantra

Our mission is simple: to produce high-quality custom garments at the lowest possible price. All of our garments are built by experienced tailors in Shanghai -- we will never use cheap sweatshop labor, nor cut corners in garment construction.  

Create a garment that is truly yours -- from material, to color, to pattern, to fit. With our standard options, we simplify the process while allowing for a high degree of customization. Whether you want something classic, such as a black peak-lapel tuxedo, or something a bit flashier, such as a purple linen suit with red silk lining, we can provide you with custom garments that fit great, look even better, and last for years to come. 

Why bespoke?

Everyone has a unique body. Unlike t-shirts or underwear, which tend to be stretchier and have more leeway, garments such as suits and dress shirts only feel comfortable and look great if they fit properly. Bespoke clothing ensures the best possible fit.   

Special requests

At Idlewood Bespoke, we can create a myriad of different kinds of garments upon request. Shoot us a message with any idea or whim you have and we can discuss the feasibility. With these commissioned garments, we maintain our mantra of using high-quality materials and eliminating unnecessary costs.  

The possibilities are virtually limitless. Let's collaborate and create some magic.